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Can someone point this out to me?  I saw a post on facebook about this.


Steinberg's SB 364  requires the identity of families who call police alleging someone needs involuntary commitment to be provided to the person with mental illness along with their reasoning. This disclosure happens even if the police officer makes his/her own determination the person is danger to self or others.





And how terrible that would be.  I don't know.  I was on a 72 hour hold.  The police came so no one reported me, but I wasn't a danger to anyone and I've wondered what the reasoning was.  But, it's one of those topics no one discusses.  I don't like the way the whole thing was handled, but it's over with now..


But, I'm reading through SB 364 and I can't find that part.  I think I'm reading something wrong.



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I can't read legal words right now...maybe later.


I 5150'd a person and we just drove straight to the hospital. And I stayed with them until the decision was made to move to the MI ward (which was actually a couple of miles from the regular hospital.


It was a few years ago so Im foggy. We went into the ER right away. We had a guard. And the ER had little rooms for MI people. Since I was there the guard said he would just stand outside the door. And then various medical people came in and out.


I'm fairly certain the hospital took my info. But that was fine because I'd been to that hospital several times and never for my own MI.



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