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Caught by the Kids...

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I am 30 years old and have been cutting for 3 years. I have 2 children, both under the age of 8. They have always seen the cuts and scars on my arms and never really asked questions til now. My daughter is getting older and I found this site as a way to try and stop the cutting. Has anyone else been caught by their children? How did you respond? She is to young to be truly honest,yet old enough to remember any lie that I may tell her.

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I have been cutting since i was teen, but i have 4 children now yes they have seen the cuts at first i lied to the young ones i talked to my oldest and was honest with her. i don't why i do it i try to control it it's not ok to do and i have a problem ect she was ateen at thetime. now all my kids are teens and they know truth now i have a problem i am working on it they tell me they are proud of me but what really makes me hesitate when i want to cut is seeing the look on their face's when they see fresh cuts. they dont really say much, they are concerned are you going to be ok (i recently split from 20 yr marriage) what will we do if your hurt with daddy gone....promise you'll be ok and won't do it again to wich i replied i am going try my hardest harder than i ever have you kids....then he took my razor and threw it away...it's hard to explain to a younger child just keep it age appropriate, don't lie but tell them only what they need to know to try and understand imo...good luck

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i have a 7 year old who has seen my scars on my arms and the burns on my hands. i try to hide them for her not to see but then in a moment unawares she sees. ive told her that its from play ing with the cats and the burns im not really sure. i dont want to lie to her but at the same time i dont want her to know and then think that its ok to do this. i try to find ways to say that im not doing to well in the head without putting to much weight to it. for example when you get a sore you put a bandaid on and you see it heal but with the head it takes longer to heal and your not able to see this. im not sure how to explain it. but then when im finished trying to tell her mums not well at a 6 or 7 year old level we hug and cry our eyes out. is this fair for her i dont want her to be upset. so confused. sorry for rambling.

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