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stopping Prolixin, if paranoia comes back, how soon?

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Since I stopped working, my  pdoc has been cutting back my prolixin every month. Presently I take 2.5 mg, which is down from 15mg. While working I was able to get down to 2.5 and all hell broke loose with bad paranoa. He feels that since I dont have the stress of working I should be able to get off of it.


When we drop prolixin totally, I am trying to get an   idea how soon I can expect paranoia, if it is to start back. The half life is 15-30 hours.


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I would try not to worry so much about it coming back. You are on two other AAP's at good doses for psychosis. I would try and stay positive! If you are on this low of a dose of it and were on 15, now on such a low dose, you hopefully will have no problems at all! Of course no one can predict the future, but I would try it out without it and trust your pdoc that he/she knows what he/she is doing. If you start to feel off after a while going off of it, then you can always call your pdoc ASAP and go back on it or whatever your pdoc thinks is best.

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