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I found this place while Googling around for information about one of my medications, and while I'm not usually a forums person, I thought I might give it a shot!


What type of crazy am I? Well, I've struggled with depression and anxiety for the past ten years; unfortunately, I withheld embarassing information about my hypomanic episodes from my doctors and therapists, so I only just recently recieved a correct diagnosis of bipolar II. Turns out, you have to be completely honest with your care providers for them to help you. Lesson learned! Fortunately, though, I've been very lucky in that I was able to find medications that worked for me without too much trial and error, and I'm feeling better than I have in several years.

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Hi, fayaway, and welcome to Crazyboards.


I always ask new members to read the User Agreement---it avoids misunderstandings later on.


It sounds like you have a positive attitude and are fully participating in your treatment.  That's a good thing and I hope your meds continue to work for you.



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