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Hi, how's it going? Lovely weather, I can't find my sweater!

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I happened upon this site whilst using google(shocking, I know).  I took one look at the descriptions of the boards here and I still can't stop laughing!  A sense of humor is one of the few things that's consistently helped me in dealing with my mental illness issues, so I thought I'd give this board a go. 


As you will surmise from my username, I am of the schizophrenic persuasion.  I have a few other issues as well.


I am a bundle of sarcasm and irrelevant ramblings, and female and 22 years old.  


Pleasure to meet you all, I hope to be an active member here.  :lol:

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Welcome to our happy asylum.  Please give us your belt and shoelaces.  Next, you should read the User Agreement so you understand how we do things here in the loony bin.


I'm glad you found us and decided to stay.  Let us know if there is anything you don't understand.



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