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How to find tdoc and pdoc

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I have yet to find a pdoc and tdoc that I connect with.  I'm so ready to give up on it all.  I seem to be worse on meds than not.  I'm going to give it one more shot.  Maybe there's really no one around here.  I have gone up to an hour away. 


There is no one else I can ask for a referral.  I have been searching on the internet for our local mental health services.  I am so frustrated.  I'm getting ready to just drive around and find a building that looks good. 


I am tapering off Cymbalta.  Apparently quicker than I should, but that's the way it's going.  Kids have agreed to help me as I go through these withdrawals.   The clinic I am with now has only 2 pdocs for a lot of clients.  I can't get in until 8/6 and I am not a new patient.  I can't call the pdoc cuz there are too many clients.  I am seeing the nurse right now as I change meds.  She takes down what I say and then goes and talks to the dr.


I would really like a place that would be able to tell me what is really going on with me.  From reading here and thinking about myself, I'm not sure what's going on.  I was diagnosed IP after one visit with the pdoc there.  I haven't really talked to anyone else about it.  I know it's not all about the diagnosis, but I haven't talked to anyone about what happened after I was out of IP.

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Do you have insurance? I'd start by calling my insurance company and finding out who's in network that's local.


Then I'd cross reference them with listings from places like goodtherapy.org or psychology today's therapist finder.


It's good that your current pdoc has a nurse consult service to help speed up access, even though it's not *direct* access to the doc. But it does kind of suck that you have such a long wait to see the pdoc since you're an established patient.


Such is the way of under-staffed specialties, unfortunately.

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