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Greetings from London Town!

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Evenin' all!


Was researching one of my new meds and came across this site. I had a bit of a read and enjoyed the content so made a profile and here I am!


I've been diagnosed with Bipolar for around 8-9 years now, although recently the term "Schizoaffective Disorder" has been thrown around, no diagnosis has been officially made though. Around 4 months ago I stopped taking Olanzapine (15mg) due to the side effects. Ended up with a terrible shrink who I thought was trying to force me in to topping myself. Was fortunately given a new shrink who took everything into account (mood, hallucinations, paranoid delusions) and has started treating me properly for it. I've managed to avoid hospital this time round and am instead being managed by home treatment teams (and Benzo's). I've had three new meds in the last few weeks (clonazepam, risperidone and sertraline) and the reintroduction and withdrawal of lorazepam.


Anyway, I'd better keep some information back or I'll have nothing to post about later!


All the best to everyone, be lucky!


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Hello and Welcome to CB!  Glad you found our  little corner of the world.


Please take a minute to read the User Agreement so you know how we do things around here.


Sounds like you've been through the wringer the last few weeks.  Hope your new meds work out well for you.

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Welcome to CB.  You're from London ... oh, you probably know that.   I've visited your fine city once, and found it to be wonderful, albeit expensive.    That said, we can't wait to be able to return for a longer visit.  


I think you'll have plenty to post about, even if you had not held any information back.  This is a pretty active place, what with the forums, blogs, and chat.  I look forward to 'seeing' you around!

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