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Ive suffered with panic on and off for 20 years...i faint during massive attacks(wake up shaking, sweating, vomiting and diarhea). I cant handle meds well but in the past have been able to take 10 mg prozac and .5mg klonopin with success...now i can only take 5mg prozac and klonopin only as prn since it wipes me out even at .25mg......last year i was off the 5mg prozac for the first time in years and felt better....then in april of this year relapsed with anxiety and also depression with ocd thinking......in the midst of this there was a corp downsizing and i lost my job(they didnt know about my disorder...im 52 and been working for 30 yrs).......ive been on 5mg prozac now for 9 weeks and its not really helping....only a little..ie for sleep....i have bad ibs and find that these ssris worsen it.......ive tried lexapro in the past ..ie 5mg....had success but the ibs got so bad, had to quit...this was 7 yrs ago...thinking about switching again to lexapro.....i was only on it for 7 weeks when i took it....whats the equivalence of 5mg prozac to XYZ lexapro?

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Have you asked your pdoc about something that's not an SSRI (hell on my stomach, also) and circumvent the prozac and lexapro entirely? There are other things you might be able to try.


Good luck -- the side effect thing is pure hell, I'm really sorry you're facing this.

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I agree with Indigo that therapy is a good route to pursue. I am not knowledgeable about exposure and response therapy though (off to google!). While meds have been extremely helpful for my anxiety, I still use my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques when I do feel anxious. IMHO, CBT is an excellent therapy for anxiety problems. It teaches you how to counter the anxious thoughts, how to be mindful of the thoughts and helps you break down any distorted beliefs you might have. CBT is widely used by tdocs and you may also be able to find professional led support groups that focus on CBT. My group was offered for free at my university. 


Regarding medication, definitely ask your pdoc about something other than SSRI's. There is a world of options for treating anxiety. Know what knocked out my anxiety? An anti-psychotic. So, be open to trying many different routes when it comes to medication. 


Definitely update us!


And sorry, I do not know the equivalency of 5 mg Prozac to Lexapro. 


Edited cause I can't spell. 

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Thanks I've been thru 2 rounds of intensive cbt and both failed and I wasn't going thru depression either back then...I also meditate daily and excercise and eat well and am doing biofeedback, accumpuncture etc ...hard for cbt to work when you faint with panic...losing my safe job in the midst if this is causing too much distress and time alone with my thoughts ...my pedicure wanted to try risperdal but I'm too afraid:(...I just upped liquid Prozac to 6 mg ...feel weird already:(

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I would not fear risperidal. I have seen several people turn around on it, one being my father, who was having severe anxiety and paranoia, causing panic attacks. I'm not recommending or diagnosing something to you, but since the SSRIs are giving you fits, the ris. might be just the ticket if your pdoc is saying to try it. Whole different family of drugs.


On a personal note, I have only taken it once, when I was in the hospital, a big, big dose, and you don't have to worry about it making your panic worse. It's very calming. They gave it to me for mania. :) My dad says on his small dose it's calming but doesn't make him feel sedated.


Come back and keep us posted, okay?

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