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shaking because of antipsychotics?

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anybody else find themselves MUCH shakier (physically) and more restless than before you starting taking anti-psychotics ?  i seriously can NOT stop twitching and moving my arms or legs or anything .  i try to calm down and i find that my muscles involuntarily seize up 

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For me, the only anti-psychotic that did NOT make me shake or twitch constantly is Thorazine. 

I've been on Zyprexa, Abilify, Saphris, Geodon, Seroquel (that was only for sleep though), blah blah blah...been your basic lab rat even though I've only been on meds since September 2012.

I still have occasional twitching, but I've just accepted that this is just how it's gonna be lol


The worst one for me was Abilify. I couldn't function I was shaking so hard, I couldn't hold things, I couldn't walk without almost falling...it was bad. 


But talk to your pdoc, they may be able to prescribe something like Cogentin to counteract the shaking/restlessness/twitching.

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