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I called social,security today for status.

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The estimated turn-around on an application is 4 months. But even on the SSA's website, they say that is just an estimate. 


Freakishly, my husband and I both received SSDI within 3 months of applying. The people in DH's epilepsy support group were shocked, it was the fasted they had ever heard. But we had heaps of support from our respective Drs, all of whom wanted us on SSDI. We are lucky, but I am a lawyer, which I think helped.


Some people here have waited for an initial decision for months and months, but the length of time doesn't seem to mean a decision will go one way or another.


And I am sure the sequester doesn't help, because workers are being furloughed, so there are fewer employees to review applications.

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I applied while I was hospitalized, and it really is a waiting game. They may want you see an approved psychiatrist to evaluate you, but that comes later on. Just realize you do get "back pay" that is being compensated from the date you applied. I really need mine as well to go through, I would be so bitter if it didn't but that is just a risk everyone has to take who does apply. I've known people to get SSI very quickly and people who took months, but you can always appeal whatever decision they end up giving you. Just keep that in mind.

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True- it doesn't have to mean bad news at all. I filed my initial application for SSDI early this March. I was sent to two exams (their MD and psychologist exam) and I was denied toward the end of May. It was very quick, especially considering the exams that had to be done, but I have been told to expect the Reconsideration phase (1st appeal of decision) to take longer. We will see. 


There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to approval vs. denial and their time frames. Sigh. I wish you the best and hope that you hear before long! Regardless, keep fighting! It may take a while, but there are lots of successes. 

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