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why do i befriend ass holes?

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its because im broken, huh? and ass holes have to be ejected cause they wont leave.  


he says, he will sleep around, and sleep with my love interest behind my back. he enjoys tempting.  he also watched that fucking movie the play list or whatever the fuck it is.


where that guy finds a girl and her love cures his bipolarness and they have a happy fucking ending.  i feel like he is attempting to push any button to get a rise out of me. well i approached him first and now, im just going to ignore him and he can live happily alone because he obviously is happy that way. 


i swing from angry to being apologetic still. and im only on part of my meds. i just started taking them again. i just want to be normal.


where, where do you find people that wont get freaked out by your bipolarness.

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