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Does Buspar Help Depression too?

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This article says it is "equivocal" as a treament for depression, except maybe as an add on and didn't sound too sure about that, either. But it also suggested times when it may be effective in concert with another med. But scanning the papers on Pubmed, it seems it *is* prescribed a lot.


There are more articles if you want to look them over. Pubmed is NIH's library, and is very handy.


Depression and anxiety can be hard to tease apart. Good luck.

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Buspar was the very first AD I tried and when a particularly uncomfortable side effect did not go away I was forced to stop the med. Immediately the current flavor of dysthymia/depression/anxiety came roaring back.  Until I banned buspar I had no idea it was doing anything for me.  After a blessedly short time period I discovered my magic combo and have never looked back.    I will forever be grateful to buspar for introducing me to the land of the crazy and their crazy pills.  So yeah, buspar did help both my anxiety and depression.

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