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Blood test results interpretation help

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I was hoping that someone might be able to give me their take on some of my blood test results. My current pdoc is overloaded (seeing up to 300 patients a month) and will probably not get in touch with me about these results until our next appointment which is in 3 months! I could go to my GP but I don't know how concerned to be... anyone with a medical degree here able to respond? That would be great!


All results were normal except for the following.



Total Bilirubin umol/L 15 19 29* 

REF RANGE: (< 25)


*"Elevated bilirubin. In the absence of any other abnormalities in the liver function tests or haematological indices, these results may indicate the presence of Gilbert’s syndrome - a usually benign unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia affecting approximately 4-5% of the population."



eGFR 70 74 89*

REF RANGE: (> 90) mL/min/1.73m2

*"An eGFR > 60 mL/min/1.73m2 suggests normal kidney function, in the absence of other evidence (e.g. hypertension, albuminuria, haematuria) of kidney damage."


The first two values are from January (I took two tests in Jan as my lithium was at a toxic level of 1.2) and the third value is from June. Below the reference value is given. The renal function appears to be normalising however I am concerned about my liver test results.


Thanks for your input. I know I do need to see a doctor about this - I'm just wondering how urgently?



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No one here has a medical degree. If they did, I'm pretty sure if they responded, it would be in some sort of gray area as far as responding over the Internet. I'm sure there would be liability issues. So, you're pretty much out of luck on this one.  


As far as how bad the results are, from my experience, when things are bad they'll call you. They'll call you quickly and repeatedly until they talk to you. Not leave a message, actually talk to you. When they do talk to you, they'll give you the name and number or maybe even the time and date for an appointment with a specialist. If they have not done this then chances are, it isn't an emergency.


Your best bet is going to be talking to the doctor that ordered the tests. If you cannot wait that long then call your GP. There is probably a nurse that can answer your questions.


Best of luck.

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sylvan is right - none of us are doctors.. However, apparently "Dr. Google" has info regarding the reference ranges (the "normal" range") for a variety of lab tests, along with their purpose.  


Go to a reputable site - like Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic... and search for (example)  "Mayo Clinic blood test results"  or more specifically,  "liver test  results" -you should get some information.  It won't be a substitute for seeing your own doctor, but it'll tell you the "normal" range of the test, what the test measures,   Hope this helps a bit.


 It is a shame your doctor is so busy that you haven't been able to get the interpretation of your results from him or her.   

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I have done some research with Dr. Google on blood test results, and the overall impression I came away with, especially in relation to liver test results, is that they have to be taken all together to make an analysis. I think there are three or four that have to be read together.

As Sylvan has said, if it was bad they would be calling you right away.

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