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How Do You....

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....cope with a SO who sometimes supports you emotionally and when drinking says things like "I'm sick of your mental BS excuse!"?


You don't have to scold me about leaving him as others here in the past have told me I need to do. I have some financial plans in the works (SSI/SSDI, housing assistance) in order to gain my independence. In the meantime, I'm stuck here having to deal with this attitude and it makes me want to run away as fast and as far as I can!!!!



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Leave the room.  Don't engage with him.  If someone is drinking, you can't have a logical discussion, so go put your headphones on, listen to music and read a book of play on the computer.



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Until you can get out, I agree entirely with Olga's suggestions.  Try to engage as little as possible or not at all.  Headphones, books, leaving the room, having your attention heavily occupied in something else.

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