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Depression out of no where

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I saw my pdoc on Tue and we decreased Prolixin (a typical AP) some. Nothing else was changed.


Starting Friday I have had a sweeping depression hit me. I stay in bed most days, dont cook and have no clean dishes left in the house.


Since I am on disability and live alone, it doesnt effect me, outside of my own feelings.  I dont have another appointment for another month. At what point should I call him


I have been suffering with a manic episode for much of the last year, bit it pretty much went away when I stopped working a few months ago.

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I think it is a good idea to call him now. At least for me, my most crushing depressions have started just like yours -- I wake up with them like a mean elephant sitting on my chest, no warning (my manias ramp up and I see them coming a mile away).


Also in my personal experience, just from a meds point of view, the quicker my pdoc starts whatever depression treatment, the better and faster it works. I have learned this the hard way, so much so that now I just about call him if I see a sad movie, afraid I'm going down again. If it's a false alarm, he never minds I called.


Calling him now MIGHT be the right thing to do, but it will NOT be the wrong thing to do.

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I really think you should call him now - please don't wait.  Just going on your posts here over the last short while, you sound symptomatic to me.  For example, on Thursday you were posting wondering if you were manic or if it really was a good idea to fly to your old home town and try to spend the night in your old house.  Now, a few days later, you're reporting a mood swing in the opposite direction.  Please call and ask for help. You don't have to suffer like this.

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