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Hey there.


I came across this site rather by accident, but I was really interested.


To quickly introduce myself, I'm a Canadian highschool student that was diagnosed with GAD when I was about eleven or twelve, as well as a motor skills disorder. I fell into a state of depression as I've gotten older.

I'm currently trying to recover from relying heavily on self harm, and I guess in general I'm trying to stop hating everything about myself. 


Apart from all the "crazy" stuff, I'm an artist that spends too much time on Tumblr, and I listen to (debatably) rad music.


So, yeah, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading

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Glad you're having a go at stopping the self harm, good luck to you, I hope it works out. Looks like you've been having a rough time of things, but great that you have your art and music to help you!


Not heard the term "rad" since the eighties, just out of interest, what do you class as rad music?


Take care...

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all our new people to read the rules, just so you understand how we operate.


We have an active forum for SI, so I hope you will visit there and get to know the members and moderators. 


You don't mention a therapist or a counselor, but I hope you are seeing one.  Is there anyone at your school who could refer you to a therapist?  This is tough stuff to try and handle as an individual.


Good luck and I hope you stick around.



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Welcome! My daughter has a motor planning disorder (aka Dyspraxia) as well as GAD (and other stuff)  - she is almost 12.  That can be a tough one to work around!  It can be very frustrating and you do your best.  If you ever need to pick my brain on the topics, let me know, even though I am sure you are a veteran in that area!

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