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Really? No protection?

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So congress has been having hearings about what women in the Military have to do when they are raped. So let me make it clear..right now a woman can be raped by her commander and there is no way for her to report and be heard. If a woman is raped the unit commander normally low rank decides if it is reported. If a woman is raped her sexual history is put on public record. If a woman wrecks a plane her sexual history is displayed and whether or not she had a drink a week ago is public record. There is no way to report to the police when you are in the military. The old boys club makes it next to impossible to get justice. I can tell you this I was high ranking and raped more than once on my way up. Here is the deal if you report you tank your own career. Even John McCain is saying now he could not tell parents of girl to send her to military

Please do not believe the movies that make it seems that women get justice. They do not

Call your local representatives and tell them to change the ways that women who are getting abused in military are handled. Make sure it is reported to independent review and NOT through local command that can hide it at will

CALL them today... Now is the time to make a difference

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It totally sucks ass that the military can't get it's shit together on this issue.


I am sorry for your suffering... and that you have had to do it alone.

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I'll be more than happy to complain about this. It has GOT to stop. Who do I complain to? My senator? My congressman? Both? Someone else? I need a point in the right direction.


I'm so sorry you had to endure this type of abuse. 

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A good place to start is with the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee:




They have conducted hearings and Sen. Gillibrand pointed out to one of the high-ranking generals that a woman raped by her commanding officer would have to salute him the next day.  I think contacting any or all of those senators would be a good thing. 


It's unconscionable that our female service members have no recourse after being attacked.



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helloheartbreak, who would the man complain to?

The point that JustDucky is making is that, if you are sexually assaulted, you are alone. You quite literally have no one to turn to. Regardless of your gender.

So yes. You can complain about the men, too. Although, I imagine that you will be told something along the lines of "no homo in our miltary, yo!" or something equally offensive.

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The original post emphasizes over and over that it is a woman's issue. It is not only a woman's issue. It is a human issue. That is my point. It happens in the military system to both sexes, by both sexes by people in a position of authority abusing their power and a system condition to look the other way.

Characterizing the problem as solely on the hands on men and "the old boys club" is painting things with too broad a brush. There are plenty of women in senior leadership positions who perpetuate the problem just as much. I understand the impulse to do so but still - I also don't really understand the assumption that if a male is sexually assaulted in the military that its by another male? Certainly that happens but woman can also be perpetrators.

I think if people are actually contacting people who can affect change about this issue (which is awesome, and makes me love this place even more) that it might serve them well to think about the broader picture.

Also, for those who think the military is doing nothing in response to these issues I can tell you firsthand my husband and his command had an entire day cleared off his schedule last week for sexual assault prevention/response/awareness training last week. Including how leadership should respond to allegations of internal sexual assault. Not for the first time and not for the last, I'm sure. It's a start at least.

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Really do you want the statistics on the small amount of women serving versus the amount of rape?

When exactly did you serve?

Either sex after rape can be ordered to shower. Either sex has not independent counsel to report!

Congress sits there and the panel from the military includes 4 men and NO women!

Do you know that when a victim reports the commander has no legal reasons to report and above that it is in his best interest not to report?

What if the rapist is commander?

I am about to blow up your world with statistics... Just give me a minute

So next time you are raped just sit back and say it's OK we'll do it the military way and you will see the real trauma

Did you ever make a bad joke ... Did you ever have too many beers? Oh by the way you can be ordered to drink

What have you worn the last 6 years? Oh and if you get PTSD from the whole experience you are kicked out of the military with ZERO disability

So I will be back with statistics while you have been sitting in your bed safe while people like me have been protecting your ass for the last 30 years

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Oh and about that whole clear the week for training HORSESHIT it is only because this is hot topic and there are STUPID ass rules about not walking alone etc.

This is not the real world problem and any decent commander knows the damn deal

The reporting of trauma should be independent PERIOD regardless of sex

The training is crap to cover their asses while they do jack shit nothing about real problem

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So look at these statistics and tell me it is equal problem

Once again you are missing the point.... There is no independent way to report

If your husband was deployed or has served more than 4 years he knows the TRUTH but I bet you he cannot admit it

And your husband would have to salute me and my car


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Well, I had a response typed out. But then I read another response and decided I'm pretty much done. Ill just say this:

The next time I'm raped? Seriously? You have no idea about who I am or what I've experienced. Attacking me personally is bullshit and less than I'd expect from my years here. Where did I ever say this was an "equal" problem? I didn't. I said its an abomination whenever it happens, whoever it happens to. To me it matters more that it's fucked up than who it is fucked up to.

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Rape is never okay. It doesn't matter the circumstance, it is WRONG. This situation is a throwback to times I wish were long gone.


This thread needs to stay supportive. If anyone has something to say about this thread that is not supportive and you feel it must be said, send me a PM so you can get it off your chest and this thread can stay on track.


There is also the option of reporting a posting to the moderators. At the bottom of every posting you'll see Report. If you click on this, you'll be able to report the posting that you are having issues with. The report is sent to the staff and is not seen by any other members of CB. 

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The point of this thread was to say this issue is finally after many years in front of congress. Rape is rape .. The issue is not whether it is right or wrong.it is wrong every time regardless of sex.... Period

The problem is the reporting structure and how rape is handled in the military. Or should I say the lack of how it is handled in the military

The very sad part of all the studies is they still rely on rapes that have been reported most do not. This is for many reasons entirely focused on the insane way of report and of investigation and how victims are victimized again and again by the system.

The same protections afforded to the average citizen should be afforded to the men and women of the military. It has taken SO much pain and suffering to even make congress to take a look at this. Even the supreme court denied women the right to sue the very commanders that raped them. RIGHT now the military is trying to do everything they can to cover it all up again by "pretend training and pretend infrastructure" for only one reason.. They do not want change and they do not want oversight

Women and men in the military do not have the right to remain silent. They can however be made to remain silent

If the citizens do not step up, I will promise you this will be buried again soon. When war heroes cannot tell people that their daughters are not safe in the military .... People we have a problem

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