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Share Your Med Side/Effects and Solutions!

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Commonly known as 'side effects', they are in fact an 'effect' of the medication. Some side effects were originally called so because they were not of the intended effect. For example, Trazodone was originally used as a  antidepressant (although discontinuation of its "side effects" such as sedation, is common). It is for these "side effects" that it is used in Insomnia, holding the title as "[...] the second most commonly prescribed agent for the treatment of insomnia," (Mendelson 
So, to start off, one of the symptoms from Aripiprazol, Lithium, Lamotrigine, Gabapentin, and Clonazepam can combine to increase the chance of tremors. For this I take Benztropine which has been helping, yet has its own possible unwanted effects >< Lol.
This begs the question: Are the risks are worth the benefit?
Feel free to list as many desirable or unwanted effects as you like!
Mendelson WB
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I have a slight hand tremor from Abilify, for which I take propranonol. I've never had steady hands and now on propranonol they are rock steady. My pulse rate is elevated due to Alplenzin and propranonol has an additional effect of lowering the rate to a normal 72-80 beats per min. Propranonol also calms me physically. I have no side effects from propranonol.

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Propranolol is fantastic. I'm glad to hear that it has so many benefits for you. I am curious as to whether or not it helps with peripheral neuropathy caused by anxiety and other factors. I know that Gabapentin does, for one. One of the few major side effects can be intense dizziness (and fainting?) at high doses of Propranolol. Although I have never experienced side effects either.


Propranolol can suppress or at least effect the respiratory system, as well as stabilize one's BPM. But what I find odd is that it does not always effect Hypertension, or other HBP types.

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