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I recently went to the dentist and was diagnosed with bruxism, which means I'm grinding my teeth. Apparently I have some chipping on my molars, and it's causing a lot of sensitivity. I never really noticed it before, but now that I know, I am noticing myself grinding my teeth all the damn time, day and night!


My dentist is making me an occlusal guard ("night guard"), but obviously that will only help at night or when I wear the appliance. I know that bruxism is a common side effect of lots of psychotropic drugs, but I don't know what to do about it. I've read online that sometimes adding Buspar helps, but I don't know that I want to go that route. 


Has anyone else had this occur and how did you treat your teeth grinding?

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Hi Larkspur. I started having teeth grinding problems a couple years ago. About twice a year, I buy a mouth guard and mold it to my teeth myself. The kit costs $30.00. It was better for me than spending a few hundred dollars on one from the dentist. So far, it has worked just fine. Without it, my teeth got so bad to the point that I couldn't eat anything that I had to chew. But, I chew just fine when I remember to wear my mouth guard at night. ^^ My grinding teeth was probably from a drug since I had not been grinding my teeth my whole life. 


I hope that all works out well for you. 

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I've been grinding my teeth for over a decade. Enamel is worn down on my teeth as a result. A mouthguard helped-the one I got from the dentist actually clicked into place & was harder for me to take out in my sleep (which I needed). I would definitely try the do-it-yourself one first. So much cheaper! I have noticed my jaw clenching/grinding during the day the past couple months. I thought it was just at night. Boo! I even hear a cracking sound as I clench during the day. Super disturbing. I think it has gotten worse with the meds> Let me know if Buspar works. I'm going to ask my pdoc about this wednesday-thanks for the reminder! Good luck!



* I would try the cheap one if you don't do the dentist's guard, that is. Or if ya lose it! :)

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I've been a clencher/grinder since childhood, day and night. I find myself doing it all the time without realizing it. I am now in my late forties and I have lost all but 3 of my upper molars. I've also lost 3 of my lower molars. I couldn't afford the mouth guards, crowns, root canals etc. that the dentists wanted me to get, so over time the teeth all broke apart, got infected (extremely painful!) and had to be pulled. I have to chew with my front teeth now, so they are wearing down and breaking apart, and look horrible. The sharp broken edges cut the inside of my lips, and my tongue, when I chew.


When I finally did buy a custom-made mouth guard from the dentist about a year ago, it cracked and broke under the pressure after a few months. I couldn't spend another $300 every time a guard broke. Dentures are out of the question financially - though I did find a charity that subsidizes implants, and I have an appointment with one of their dentists in a couple of weeks. 


Moral of the story? Do whatever you can afford to, to save your teeth! See how it goes with the guard your dentist makes, but if you break it or it stops fitting properly then just get the cheaper kits, as long as you have something. Root canals and crowns won't work in the long run either, they are not as strong as your natural teeth.  

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