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I just got my CDR paperwork in the mail today.  The three years were up in Feb, so I guess they're behind in general.  I'm glad I finally got them and I know what's going on, but my mind definitely just kicked into panic & avoid mode.


I do think I got the short form though, so that's a good sign.


So... question:  Should I include the medical stuff & Mayo in my paperwork?

See here if you don't know what I'm talking about: http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/64708-im-in-trouble/


I'm guessing I should, even though they haven't actually dx'd anything yet - mainly because it's going to be in my MI records as something that makes my depression worse.  I really wouldn't be surprised if it could qualify on it's own though.. it did keep me out of school to the point where I would have failed without kind professors who really worked with me.  It will also add more reasoning to not being on medication for my depression (though, ultimately.. that's really more due to a lack of anything much else to try - in spite of the current reasoning).  Ultimately, if I go by the paperwork, they just want me to have seen a pdoc in the past 12 months and have followed their treatment plan.  It doesn't look like what that plan was really matters.


Right now, it looks like I'm going to come away with a Fibro and Migraine dx for sure.. and the autonomic stuff is up in the air along with the fever.  I do have access to the internal Mayo evals which lists symptoms by dx codes:


Tremor NOS, Pain Joint, Orthostatic Spell, Nausea and Vomiting, Myalgia NOS, Migraine Classic NOS, Malaise, Headache Daily, Fibro, Fever NOS, Fatigue NOS, Disturbance Visual NOS, Decline Cognitive, Central Sensitization Disorder.... actually Depression is on there too.. I guess that does make Mayo relevant on the MI front.. if only a little.


So.. what would be good to list on the CDR under dx/issue listings?  Can I just say Autonomic Disorder for the random shit and let them sort it out?  I'm not going to get approved or denied based on that anyway.


How does this sound?:




Central Sensitization Disorder

Autonomic Disorder




That's about how many lines there are too.  Maybe two more.. but I think that covers it?

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I think you're right; what you wrote does cover everything.  But if it were me I'd be detailed in everything I wrote.  Sometimes the people evaluating/reviewing the paperwork can be pricks, and ask for clarification if there is a generalized diagnosis.  If that happens it would mean more paperwork and things might be delayed because of needing to resend the information in.  Just some thoughts.

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So, detailed in the issue?  The generalized is because it's an ongoing evaluation at Mayo.  There aren't any solid dx's so far.. so it's impossible to be specific when it's still theoretical.  I'm guessing that SS would get the same documentation I'm seeing, which lists those dx's (mainly for billing reasons, but also as descriptive elements for other specialists).  As long as I point out that fact, the elements available so far should seem complete, right?


It is a secondary issue that wouldn't necessarily be needed for the eval, so shouldn't it just be seen as added info rather than required?

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Oh ok,  I didnt realize they weren't diagnosed at this point. 


I think you are right ... to put all those together as one issue, but I'd write that it is an on-going thing.  The reason I'd said detailed was because when i had my first review, they wanted details, down to the dates I saw DRs, dates of hospitalizations etc, but those were for the reason I get SSDI. 


Because these issues are secondary for you, then I agree, that they should be seen as added info rather than required.

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Thanks, that's helpful.


I'm glad you told me about the dates and stuff.  I would have tried to sort that out for myself...

I just handed over a copy of the form to my pdoc's office instead.  They're going to figure out everything I need and get back to me.  Now there's no way I'll screw up the MI portion.

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I hope it all works out.  I'm glad your pdoc office is helping out; without their help it can be brain-wracking!  A hospital social worker helped my mom the first time I applied, and when I had the first review, I had to fill out the dates etc myself, then the pdoc signed things.  Fortunately my current pdoc did the final review and filled out everything for me, had it faxed in, and I haven't had a review after that.

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Definitely brain-wracking!  I should still have my appointments in google calendar, but I've seen three different pdocs at that office (I *think* all in the last year).  I have no idea when the switch-overs happened.  I could probably guess, but that doesn't sound like a good idea.  Luckily the office manager there is really nice & she's happy to help out.


So the CDR can be faxed rather than mailed?  That's good to know.  They only gave me until the 5th to get it in & I'll be away for five days or so starting Friday.  It's good to have a back-up plan.

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I think it would be able to be faxed, but to make complete sure it gets there on time, I would mail it certified to make sure it gets there on time and in someone's hands for a signature (rather than in a large pile or mixed in with everyone else's).  Also because the 4th of July is coming up, they might be off/on vacation (meaning low on help) some of next week.


Also, make sure to make a copy of everything you send in, just in case something gets lost in transit.  It would be the worst to have to re-fill out everything for you and your DRs.

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