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How to introduce yourself when you don't know who the hell you are?

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Hi, I'm Em. Bipolar, or so I've been diagnosed. A little bit of ADD thrown in. Have a bad serious self medicating problems with my ADD meds. Feel desperate at times, overwhelmed at others, in general.....a bit of a fucked up mess. Don't know what else to really say. I'm trying to reach out for help, but don't know exactly what direction to reach.

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I hope you will find some sort of comfort here. As Hitcher said, not the exact experiences but we are an extremely friendly bunch. I've found the folks here to be advice givers but somehow they know when to be a simple sounding board. glad to have you. I look forward to chatting again soon.   :cool:

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Welcome to Crazyboards!  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, if they didn't do so when they signed up.  It helps avoid problems later on.


I see that you found the substance abuse board, and I hope that our members' advice and counsel will help you decide what you should do about your problem.  I know it may seem hopeless, but lots of addicts have come back from the brink and recovered---I hope you are able to do that.  We value every one of our members and we want you to be here for a long time.


Good luck and please contact a mod if there is anything you don't understand.



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