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sexual side effects but not sure which medication

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I'm having lack of sexual feelings, trouble reaching an orgasm all of the fun sexual side effects that come with taking certain medications  :) I don't want to have sex at all, look at other people sexually, become aroused. I'm basically null and void sexually. I wasn't always like this ...only the last couple years.


I'm only taking low doses of three medications: Prozac, Seroquel and PRN ativan ( which I take almost every night though). I suspect Prozac is the reason why, but on a such a low dose?


Or could it be that I am just sort of still depressed... I don't usually feel the typical depression stuff for me ( crying, not wanting to leave the house, not eating. etc.) but maybe I am depressed and don't know it? What's with the lack of sexual interest then? 


Should it be something I talk to my Pdoc about?

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SSRIs made me anorgasmic (unable)    I don't know if my interest went away or I was just so happy the drug worked for my depression.   Anyway - Doc asked me about sexual side effects.  I told her - and she took me off the Chill-axia and put me on Wellbutren.  I'm glad she did.


Benzos (In my case) might be a factor.   I don't take them very often but I'm not sure its the Benzos that make sex look uninteresting or its the reason I have to take them that makes it uninteresting.

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Since I have been medicated I've suffered from a lowered libido. My pdoc said it occured with many ppl on Celexa, so i went off of it. But I'm still experiencing it!! I'm going to ask my pdoc if it could be any of the other meds. Could be it'll just take more time for the Celexa withdrawal to be over. I've tapered off for several months & am now at 0mg finally! It's very frustrating, I want my sexytime back!

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