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ECT -- so far so good

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So I had my 2nd ECT session this morning. I became cognizant quicker afterwards than on Monday -- I think because he used Propofol instead of Versed. I also had less of a headache.


I woke up in the recovery area, and once I figured out where I was, I felt great!  I was surprised -- I thought I wouldn't feel better until several sessions later.


So this is what it feels like not to be depressed... I hope it continues.

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I'm glad it's working for you!

I don't know what anesthesia they used for me, but I never woke up sick and I had a mild headache each time. I've never had a headache any other time, but it wasn't bad, I only needed regular strength Tylenol and I'd sleep it off. (I did ECT inpatient) I've been under general anesthetic twice, for surgery, and never had problems, so maybe I'm lucky.

I had really great results from ECT. I hope you continue to get results. I'm not sure when they kicked in, exactly, my memory of that time is fuzzy. I didn't have any other memory loss.

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