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Hey there.

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I'm Jesse, and I'm a bit nuts, although I try to keep a sense of humor about it.


I'm 24, and I've been dealing with the crazy for a long time now. I began self harming when I was 11, have experienced episodes of depression since I was 14, and dealt with anxiety since I was 15. The depression has very nearly cost me my life several times, and has had pretty harsh effects on my schoolwork, employment, and interpersonal relationships.


Somehow I've managed to stick with it though... much of it due to my family, and some to pure dumb luck. When I'm not concerned with what's going on inside my head, I occupy myself with public radio, open source computing, queer history/politics, poetry, and my pet dog.


EDIT: I was also diagnosed with gender identity disorder when I was 20, but I don't consider that a disorder/illness in my case. (The general topic isn't something I'll get into here.) I am quite content with being genderqueer, but the only way that I was able to take testosterone was to be diagnosed with GID by a psychiatrist and then referred to an endocrinologist. I no longer take T, but the GID sticks around in my medical file anyway.

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