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I have been off Meds for about a month due to really awful lab work. Today the lab work is the same

The mi symptoms are coming back and getting worse

PDoc is calling Gdoc and kidney specialist and I have appt at 4

The question PDoc asked me was how much risk am I willing to take and how uncomfortable am I currently?

I really cannot answer the mi anxiety is coming back the stress is way up and I am scheduled to go to family wedding 13 hours away inn 2 weeks

I don't want to kick myself into diabetes or kidney trouble but I wonder how long or how well I can continue .... Today is fine but what about tomorrow?

I don't even know the questions to ask at this point.... Any ideas?

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I had to stop Lithium due to kidney damage. Other psych meds lead to borderline diabetes. I am now on metformin and taking Lamictal which is an anticonvulsant not known for diabetes or kidney issues, and Latuda which does not carry a high diabetes risk and is not metabolized by the kidneys.


In my case, my GP and kidney specialist worked with my psychiatrist. Per kidney guy, no more Lithium unless I am willing to take big risks. My GP recommended the metformin. My pdoc swapped Lithium for Tegretol (not on now) and changed me to AAPs with low diabetes risks since I seem to function a lot better on AAPs than without.


Based on my experience, get all of your doctors talking to each other, especially your GP and pdoc. There are psych med options that can work around kidney and diabetes problems, and there are non-psych meds for managing diabetes.

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