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So, my husband has decided that he wants me to completely come off of all of my meds and start back from square one with my psychiatrist.  He also thinks this will take a weekend...That aside, does anyone know if there is any benefit to coming off of meds in order to start trying to see what actually works?  I'm on 7 different meds and am still depressed/manic/obsessed with self injury/etc/etc.  Perhaps my husband need to join me for my next appointment?  I do want to find what works, but his idea seems way too drastic.



dx: Bipolar I w/generalized anxiety disorder/agoraphobia

rx: Lithium 900mg, Lamictal 400mg, Zoloft 50mg, Seroquel 300mg, Inderal 30mg, Wellbutrin SR 150mg, Klonopin 0.5mg as needed



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Pdocs will sometimes do that but if the person is symptomatic, it's usually done inpatient and over more than a weekend to my knowledge. You are on an anticonvulsant that could cause seizure with sudden discontinuation. Suddenly stopping Lithium is know for causing rebound mania a few weeks later. Withdrawals would be tough. Stopping everything suddenly is pretty radical. I wouldn't go there, personally, unless all else failed.


Something to think about... You are on two antidepressants. Antidepressants are not necessarily effective for bipolar depression and can cause agitation, mixed states, mania even while on other stabilizers. There is another thread on here about that and a fair amount of research.


Generally, changing one med at a time is the way to go. That way, you know the effect of that med. That's the ideal. Often enough, swapping one med for another is better. With that in mind, there are lots of options. For example, you could discontinue an AD and maybe increase your Seroquel. If that didn't make things worse, you could then try stopping the other AD. Then maybe swapping Seroquel for one of the newer antipsychotics like Latuda or Saphris. There are plenty of options that make more sense than stopping all of your meds at once.


ETA: Bringing your husband to your next appointment probably is a good idea. He should learn something and your pdoc perhaps will get a better idea that your present functioning is unacceptable.

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