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Starting remeron at 30mg

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I'm in a bad spot at the moment and going to start taking remeron again tonight. This isn't my first merry go round with it. I was on it before with a great deal of success. Last time I started out at 15mg. I did go up to 30mg eventually for a while but the majority of the time I was on it I was at 15mg. The sedation and grogginess kicked the shit of me for about 3-4 days until I started getting used to it. Well my new pdoc this time said they usually start folks off at 30mg instead of 15mg because it is not quite as sedating and they have an easier time starting it. Sounds good to me. Im all for it because I'm desperate and I want this shit to kick in as quickly as possible. I'm sure even starting at 30mg will still put me on my ass since I've been off it and not used to it anymore. And I'm fine with that. If I take a 30mg tonight and sleep all day tomorrow I'm cool with that. I haven't been sleeping worth a shit lately and would welcome it. I'm a depressed, anxious, sleepless wreck. Mainly because I think the Neurontin I took for headahces almost turned me into a suicide statistic and has made me at times feel like trying to check into the hospital(see my other thread about Neurontin causing insomnia). I finally weaned off that shit and took my last pill on Sunday and am still in a pit of complete hell. Whether I'm still dealing with after effects of being on it or the whole experience has just completely fucked my psyche, I don't know. But I am in the worst shape I have ever been in my life. I almost feel like calling up one of those Neurontin lawyers.


So I just wanted thoughts from folks who started at 30mg right off the bat. Was it too much for you?

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