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Stranger at front door triggered anxiety

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Last night a woman came to my front door and was at the wrong place but didn't realize it until i told her so. She asked for some other person and when I told her this wasn't the right place she asked if i knew where they lived. Again, i said no and she left (with some guy waiting several feet away). I have a window in my front door so my (4) dogs can see when someone comes up. They bark differently when a stranger arrives, thankfully. My house is set back far from the street, surrounded by chainlink and foliage. Like a fortress. Where I feel safe.

I don't feel safe right now. It has been over 12 hours and I still feel freaked out and keep crying. I'm okay for short periods of time...distracting myself with the radio, facebook, funny memes online....but then it creeps back into my head and I'm checking the front window or too afraid to look, shaking, fidgeting, anxious.

I was too afraid to leave the house to go to yoga this morning, too afraid to sleep. I know this will pass. It always does. Just realizing today that it is a trigger for me. Recalling having this rxn in other similar instances. Trying to slow my breathing, drink water, pet the dogs, etc. Actually writing this has helped. Anyone else have a similar response to strangers? I get freaked out on the bus,too. Or when I'm alone in public. I know part of it is related to my PTSD, which in turn makes me afraid of nighttime. Thanks for reading this.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that. I get quite anxious and upset when stuff like that happens too. I also get pretty paranoid. And I just can't seem to stop thinking about it.

Until very recently I was not able to go out alone. I would freak if I had to ride a bus!

Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

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I get really freaked out when I hear a car drive up that I don't recognize the sound of (yes, if you pay attention enough, you learn to recognize the sound of your neighbor's car).  My heart, stops then gallops when someone knocks at my door that I'm not expecting.  


I have to work pretty hard to keep from slipping into a "fortress" mentality.  


Hope things work out for you.

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Just got back from Home Depot. We got me a security door to replace my beat up screen door for the front. So i feel better. Especially since he's going out of town this weekend so i will be alone (and he's moving into his new place in a matter of weeks). Well, not completely alone, I have the doggies! I've wanted a sturdy security door for a while. That way i can let the dogs run up at the door if anyone unknown comes up. I can't with the current screen door-too flimsy.

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