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Can they get the facts about smoking right?


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I have plain package cigarette packet with the following on back:

- Heart disease after ONE YEAR

- Mouth and throat cancer after FIVE YEARS

- Lung cancer after 10 YEARS

The time frames are totally incorrect?

Lung cancer is something like 20 to 40 years....

What do u guys think?

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Uh... I'm not sure why this matters.  They put those warnings there to shock people.  The bottom line is, smoking is not cool.  It's bad for you, and it's hell on your body.  Does it matter if they don't get down to the finest detail when the cancer and other negative side effects are going to hit?  It's a scare tactic, that's it.  What I would find interesting is how many dedicated smokers actually take the warnings on board.  I'm a smoker, I know it's a disgusting habit that's not doing me any good, but the warnings on the packs do nothing for me.

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I don't know if anyone gets lung cancer after 10 years of smoking---but maybe they do.  All I know is that I damaged my heart, wasted tens of thousands of dollars and gave myself Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  If you can quit, you should do it while you're young.  It's one of the great regrets of my life that I smoked as long as I did.


Who cares if the warnings are accurate?  You are destroying your health with every puff.  *shrug*  That's what the warnings are trying to tell you.



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What would you rather see?

In this country (last I saw, as packages are kept hidden now) we had graphic warnings. So pictures of diseased gums, cancer-ridden lungs, small children without parents, a graph stating that a whole town's worth of people are killed by smoking each year, etc.

If it bothers you, don't smoke the ones that bother you. For example, here, some people would refuse to get the packages with the diseased gums on them. Try only buying warnings that you agree with.

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I mean, there are people who die of lung cancer in their late 20s and 30s. It happens. Whether they're all smoking related or not, I don't know. But I don't think it's that much of a stretch. This coming from a 2 pack per day smoker.

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You can get cancer at any freaking time. I don't think there is a time frame for that, really. I mean, from SMOKING? I really think that's probably a grey area there, but you're right, they probably don't even have the facts on it because I don't think it matters really how long. I mean, you could smoke for 5 years, 3 years, whatever and get it. Or other lung diseases. So. . . I mean, the point there is more like, HEY! THIS SHIT WILL FUCK YOU UP!


And it probably will.


No it's not set it stone that these things will happen by whatever time at all, but they COULD. So no, we shouldn't smoke. It's terrible for you.


I still do.


Anyway, they said they were going to do the graphic pics on packs over here too, but I've not seen it yet. Honestly? That probably would help me want to quit more. Even if I used a case after that to avoid the photos. I'd still have to look at them every time I opened a pack. I kinda WISH they would do that.


But, if someone wants to smoke, they're going to smoke, so there's that.



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it's not an exact science, but it must have happened to someone for them to be able to print it.


I'm a 10 a day smoker with family history of smoking induced cancer, so it bothers me every time I smoke.

I keep quitting and then starting again, I keep telling myself that they smoked 30 a day so im not that bad.


when i quit my panic attacks are every 20 mins so it's extra hard to quit.


The put horrible pictures of diseased lungs and rotting teeth on packs here about 4 years ago and that along with the ban on smoking in public places has lead to higher numbers quitting, I wish It had made me.


My grandmother is 75 and a 30-40 a day smoker since she was about 17, she is lucky and the exception.

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