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Hello! My name on the forums is shiftee, obviously. It describes me well. I've been diagnosed with several things in the past. Currently, I'm on quetiapine, wellbutrin, and trazadone to treat whatever it is my doc and I are treating now (he won't tell me). But, through the power of Google it's not hard to narrow down.

Just popping in here to say a quick hello before I end up in an awkward conversation where I have to pretend I know how to properly interact with people. If you need me I'll be in the anti-psychotic med section, staring at everyone until they catch me looking. Then stare some more. (I have a staring problem)

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Hello and welcome.

You could always join us in the autistic spectrum section: if we're avoiding eye contact there's a fair chance we won't notice the staring.

At the least we know about being censured for "inappropriate eye contact".

(who gets to rule on any "inappropriate behaviour" is a live discussion in many different ways in many different parts of the world.)


Me, I can out-eye contact anyone despite my Asperger's: it's a career-formed skill as a former optometrist.



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Hello, and welcome!


I don't mind the stares. I stare myself. Well, more of I stare in a direction. Usually engulfed in creative brain visuals and cool sounds. I'm a daydreamer, what can I say?

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Most of the time I'm watching people trying to figure out what their deal is. Wondering how they go about their day not wondering how everyone else manages to go about their day.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome. You'll see me around here and there.

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