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In the past I have gotten as many as two massages a week (when I had kick ass benefits) and was really having a hard time sleeping. I think it's one of the things that helped me get better.

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I have had massages in the past, and once in awhile it was fine. 


But when I started having them more than once a week, after awhile my body became "addicted" to them.  If I would go one week without a massage, my body and it's muscles made me edgy, anxious, made me want to scream.  So I weaned off the massages and I was fine.  So I am leary of getting massages now because once I have one I "have to" go back, and it starts the cycle of getting them all the time etc.  I can't control having them done.  For me it is "all or nothing."

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I've had one massage, and that was enough. While I am sure it would help my pain, someone I don't really know touching me all over made me queasy. I couldn't wait for it to be over. She kept saying "relax, relax," and I got more anxious, because then I felt like I wasn't "doing it right."

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I'll have the little shoulder massage at the mall. When I was working a lady came in once a week to do shoulder/back massages and that was great.


A few years ago I got a gift certificate for a full body massage. I thought it would be neat. The room, music, lights, were all fine. And the dude was really working some parts...others not so much. I started to get super anxious and just looked at the clock praying for it to move faster. I could have walked out...but I guess I felt trapped.


I went on a date with a guy who said he gets a 90 minute massage every week. I told him about mine and all the feelings I had during it. (Date did not know I was MI). He gave me some pointers and said a massage shouldn't make one anxious. I agree.


My sister has the best hands in the pacific nw (portland) and whenever I get to see her I try to get as many shoulder and back massages that I can. Her degree is in athletic training and she works it.



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I used to get a massage once a week, I found it very helpful in reducing stress.


I've been saying I'll get a massage for the past year but get lazy.


I'm now at the point that I need a massage. It's good to feel human touch in a healthy manner and it's good for my spirit.

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