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Hallucinations I don't hear people talking about

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O.K. So first thing first ... After a recent hospitalization, multiple more AP attempts which failed, my doc finally allowed me to add back my precious Klonopin. 


I now take .. 


200 MG Lamictal 

50 MG Topomax (Wow, helped me lose all weight trazadone put on! Plus I sleep again! Hard!)

.5 MG X 3 Klonopin Daily 


So my med tweaks are getting there 8 months after working on my treatment for Bipolar. Being on Klonopin helps immensely as the lack of overwhelming anxiety allows me to distinguish my symptoms more clearly. However I am experiencing symptoms now I was unaware of before. I think before they hallucinations would occur and extreme panic attacks would set in. Then all I could focus on was the overwhelming panic. The panic is now under control .... 


O.K. I do get the typical shadow stuff out of the corner of my eye. That is not what bothers me as much as the other stuff. 



I was mowing the lawn the other day and I would of sworn to god about a dozen times I saw the homeowner standing in the lawn anywhere from 5-25 feet away. To the side, pretty much dead ahead and slightly to the side, you name it .. No set position. I was mowing another lawn the other day and I swore in an abandon house I saw a male standing inside the garage behind one of the windows. These are not shadows. These are actual figures. 


Ths is happening outside any MAJOR mood swings I am noticing. No caffeiene intake which can definitely cause this on it's own. Or any other symptoms I am aware of. What disturbs me the most is I typically hear either "shadow people" or "seeing the devil" as hallucination types. Not one I am experiencing. I told the doc and I don't think they believed me. I got that "uh huh" look - I could tell it wasn't something they heard often. 


Has anyone else experienced this ? 


I am also noticing things like when a window shutter was hanging at a house where I was mowing a lawn and it would beat up against the hosue it would scare the bejesus out of me. It didn't matter that it happened 5-6 times and I realized what it was ... It still frieked me out, pretty much to the point of paranoia. If I had to guess this would be a diagnosis adjustment to Schizo Affective. That aside, has anyone else dealt with this. Mainly the odd hallucinations that are in betwen the extremes ?


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I have seen a man in a light brown/khaki colored trench coat standing in my office area at work. Scared the crap out of me. No one can diagnose you on here of course but when I was diagnosed schizoaffective it was because I was having hallucinations outside of mood episodes as well.


I also see bugs everywhere, or snakes. Luckily the bugs have been the same type over the years so after a little bit of freak out, I can get hubby to reality check me and I calm down a little and realize that they're not actually there, they're the same type as before, etc etc.


Hallucinations are scary. I hope you can get them taken care of!

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Well, you aren't on any AP's or AAP's. Klonopin is probably helping, I find when my anxiety is sorted a bit I don't see or hear things so much, and I can take Xanax (my anxiety med, Klonopin is a great med for anxiety as well, its longer lasting while Xanax is better for RIGHT NOW!!) and it will dull the symptoms without knocking me out.


Definitely discuss with a pdoc. Hallucinations are scary as hell. I can't say if you're schizoaffective, but something needs to be done to thwart the hallucinations because they're obviously causing you distress. 


I'm glad the meds are helping with the moods and anxiety. Keep a log of what you see and when, and see if there are any patterns. Or hell, give it to your doctor and let them figure it out, they get paid!

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Forget., that is what I am fearful of as well .. I have read up alot on schizophrenia and I fit the bill but I have the mood episodes as well. It is very tough to tell when I am experiencing psychosis outside being properly medicated on Klonopin. I should have a better idea now. I also saw bugs while inpatient at the hospital. When I would focus they would go away, but I had to focus real hard. This was while on some sort of AP they had me on in the hospital as well. 


Oddly enough, on the K-pin, the hallucinations don't friek me out as BADLY as they used to. But they obviously are not welcome. They are not so overwhelming with the K-pin in me that they decompensate me entirely but they sure do foul up my mood and distress me a lot. 


System - I agree entirely. I took Xanax for a while but wanted the long term relief not to have to take a pill every 2-3 hours. K-pin I can go 5-6 hours in between (even though they say half life is 12 hours). I will keep a log for sure. 


Problem with doc, is I have been dealing with a gDoc - who allowed me to do research, bring it to her, and she would also do research. We were learning together. Made a ton of progress. But she said for the second time yesterday she is no longer comfortable treating me. I must get to Peoria to see a Psych Doc. Problem is I have no DL, no income, and no way to Peoria. No idea what I am going to do. I am applying for fianncial assistance at a local hospital that does LIMITED psych video calls (which I heard from a few others are horrible) but I also owe the clinic they go through and that hospital thousands of dollars so my hope levels are low. 


If only I got approved for SSDI / SSI :(

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I used to have visual hallucinations that were like that of people (among other things, but mainly of people), in full color, when I was not on any meds (I was not med-compliant at the time).  I think the meds (see sig) really help with the not seeing those anymore.  Those were so hard for me to distinguish between (real-life people and the hallucinations) at the time.

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