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Geeky gamer girl with a side of MI

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Greetings all from the Midwest! I was diagnosed about two years ago with Bipolar NOS and OCD after my husband asked me to get help. I begrudgingly did so. It has been a scary uphill battle as I can't really share it with anyone except my parents or my husband. I see way too many negative connotations of bipolar individuals on tv and even some people at work talk about those with MI inaccurately and negatively. Thankfully I can correct them without tipping my hat as I have a Masters in Psychology.

I work for the federal government, so i have to be especially careful about my illness. It could easily ruin my career. I have wanted to tell my boss so many times what is going on with me, but stopped because of what I have read on these boards. I just want to be normal again.

I think that I first realized something wasn't right when I was 17 when I first thought about suicide and have had hypomanic moments and plenty of depression ever since. The AD never really worked and now I know why. I am thankful to have a very supportive husband who listens to me vent, holds me when I cry and let's me clean obsessively when I just need to. Thanks everyone!

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I'm glad you have a supportive husband and I think you are wise to be cautious at work in terms of talking about bipolar.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement---it avoids misunderstandings later on.  Plus, it's somewhat amusing. :)


Welcome to our happy asylum!



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Hi :)
I'm also a gamer, and a girl, and obviously been certified crazy enough for crazyboards.

We have some video game threads already. It's a fairly common enjoyment around these parts.

Looking forward to seeing your posts around.

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I am a MASSIVE MAHOOSIVE gamer with mental health issues as well :)

Im glad you are getting help from  your husband. Always nice to hear people getting help.

Look forward to talking, not just about Mental Health, but about gaming stuff as well :)


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