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I dont like taking my tablets. I do like taking my tablets.

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I have a problem. I don't like taking my tablets. I am pretty sure I would be able to cope without them, but on the other hand, I do like taking my tablets because I am scared of how 'ill' I could become.

BUT, like I said, I think I would be fine without them. Was discussing this with the doctor and they are not planning to change my dosage, but they might take me off one anti - psychotic (Am on 3) I want this, but I don't want this as well. Just scared of relapse I guess. I am very confused.

Should I risk me taking off, I havnt had a bad relapse since I was put on the 3rd anti - psychotic. So there is proof it works, and there is a risk me getting bad again if I am taken off.

Thanks for reading.


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Well, I think you've answered your own question. You yourself have seen how the meds helped you.


Don't rock the boat, and leave your meds alone until you see or speak with your pdoc. Then you can discuss possibly coming off of an AP, under the supervision of your pdoc.

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