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I'm afraid I'm not very interesting, but I thought I should probably post an introduction before I just jump in posting everywhere else  :blush:


I'm Cherry.  I'm 26 and I'm in the UK.  I've been diagnosed with PTSD, recurrent depressive disorder, and bulimia - over the years have had a bunch of other diagnoses applied and then discarded, but these are the ones that have stuck.  I like reading and music (doesn't everyone?) and cuddling my pet rats.  


Not sure what else to say about myself... hi! 

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Well - everyone is interesting in some way!  I'm glad you posted an introduction so we know where you're from.   You'll have lots of company; we have many members from the UK.  Also Australia and New Zealand.       (You can tell the difference between the U.S. people and the British and other folks by the way we spell I'm almost starting to "spell British"  as in "behaviours" vs. "behaviors", etc.


I think you'll  find that the members on this site offer lots of support and understanding.  There is something for everyone's taste/style:  Check out the forums, the blog section and the real-time chat.


So - - -   WELCOME !!

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the rules, so please do that if you haven't done so already.


Let us know if you have any questions.  I'm glad you found us!



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Thanks  :)


They really do cuddle - my advice would be to get them from a reputable small breeder, just because they're more likely to handle their rats from a very young age so they arrive with you already affectionate and enjoying human contact - otherwise it's a couple of months of hard work trying to get them to like being held.  But yeah, mine sit on my lap for a cuddle, or on my shoulder or in my hood if I'm reading and they just want company.  They make really lovely pets.  

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