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Personal Demographics & RL CP For RL Issues

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Personal Demographics
/Initiate Life Sequence
Age: It exists somewhere in relativity between memory, present, and expectation, so... not sure
Race: Human
Gender: Yes
Education: A double major and D minor in triad archapeggios
Favorite Books: The internet, the DSM-IV
Other More Random Acronyms: LME, PTK, GED, NPO
Nonprofit Corporations: One. Currently inactive.
Memberships: CBS, ATS, FS, The Secret Nondescript Secret Association For Nondescript Things And People (TSNSAFNTAP)
Equality: I gave away my dreams
Marital Status: No
Employment Status: Private contracting for myself
Religiousity: Inclusive
Language: None and Latin
Household Income: Coffee
Household Location: Middle Earth
Food: I am spagette
Music: Yes
Humor: Apathetic, anhedonic - none.
Mental Illness: I own them, they are mine. Therefore, they are not me
Interesting: Perhaps
Life: I have multiple lives, with an instant respawn rate
Other People: I am not other people
Friends: Let's say distantly related cousins twice removed
Favorite Shoe Type: The ones you can walk in
Sarcasm & Irony: None
I Am: The Ultimate Thread Killer
End:/You Win Life
End:/'You Win Life' is not recognized...
DISCLAIMER: Nothing In This Introduction Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are
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