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Hello everyone,

I am a relatively new user who mostly hangs out in the OCD forum.  I also utilize TIP (another online resource) and it was brought to my attn that perhaps the individual who was to inform you all of TIP did not.  So I took it on as my responsibility to inform you all of the site (sorry if it's a repeat)...

TIP (The Icarus Project) is a community based website for those of us who suffer from a "mental illness."  It focuses specifically on Bi-Polar and I think a lot of people with Bi-Polar find it VERY helpful.  They also have sections on panic and anxiety, racism through this system, relationships, etc...

You can access it by going to www.theicarusproject.net and their forums are under Community Suuport - Discussion forums.

That's all!


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Icarus rocks my world....

great site

Although its focus is mainly on bipolar, there is a lot of talk about madness in general, creating new languages for people experiencing Schizoafffective, schizophrenia, depression and other related madness. The goal of the site is to create a new vision of wellness rather than illness. Activism is key....

crazyboards is also a great site, HUGE!!!...great resources.....TIP is smaller and a bit homey.

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