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Hello (no witty title, just "hello")

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Been here for awhile, lurking...I guess for about 2 years...finally posting.  I'm always worried about what stuff I (and in general this is probably true for most people) might post on the internet and to what extent it might come back and bite me in the *** later on (especially when dealing w/ mentail illness) but since we don't use real names, I feel pretty comfortable, like talking on forums and such could be helpful for me. I'm also a pretty good listener and think I give pretty decent advice.


But I'm feeling kinda sad and anxious tonight...so I think I'm going to try to sleep (even though trying to sleep is an impossibility when feeling like this)...so, I will visit back later to say "hi" to anyone who might read this and replies (which probably means 2AM when I can't fall asleep).


Also, I read the user agreement...so that's good right?



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That is VERY good!  You get a gold star. :)


Welcome to our happy little asylum.  It is not difficult to remain anonymous here if you are careful with any identifying information.  There are members here with whom I have been talking for 5 or 6 years, and I have no idea where they live or what their names are IRL. 


I'm glad you signed up.



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