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I have Bipolar and had psychotic episodes a few months ago where I was put on 5mg of Zyprexa. Zyprexa was great, apart from the fact I gained 8kgs in 2 months. I then switched tp 150mgs of Seroquel XR which has been great so far. Been sluggish in the mornings though but mild coffee helps. I will be upped to 600mg and I was wondering what people have expirenced on that dose? Does Seroquel cause weight gain at higher doses? Any tips for weightloss while on Seroquel? I eat healthy and exercise but those 8kgs wont budge! Also Does the sluggish sedative effect get worse at 600mg?

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Welcome to CB!


I've been on 600mg of the XR since January 2012 and it really has been a miracle drug for me.  I typically take it at 5pm and feel it kicking in about 4 hours later. However, I still need to take a relatively small dose (125mg) of the instant release at bedtime along with my lithium in order for my brain to shut down properly so that I can get some sleep.  I do find I'm a little slow in the mornings and need to give myself at least 1.5 hours to have my coffee and wake up properly to get ready for work.  


I don't feel I can give you any definitive answers though on the sedative effect and the weight issue.  The typical response to seroquel that I've read about over my years on these boards is that the higher doses get less sedating for most people.  However, I was on 1,000mg of the instant release  for a few years simply because anything lower did absolutely nothing to calm me down and let me get any sleep. I also didn't really gain any noticeable weight during that period, and haven't since I've been on my current regimen.  


So I don't know how "normal" my response to quetiapine (whether IR or XR) actually is.  BUT -  if you hang around here for long enough, you'll start to see people say "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) all over the place, which is short hand for pointing out that although we may share diagnoses, we all have individual brain and body chemistry.  Hence, take my experience and that of anybody else who might respond to this for what it is - just our experience.  


Zyprexa weight gain IS a bitch, but keep on taking care of yourself by eating healthily and exercising, and give the new dose of seroquel XR a decent chance.  Maybe it'll also be your miracle drug.


eta Please could a mod move this thread to the Antipsychotics forum - it's better placed there for future searching. Thanks.

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I too take 600mg but of the IR. It no longer makes me tired. It did a little bit at first. But that went away quickly. Combined with trazodone though it does help me sleep still, and has for about a year now.


I haven't gained any weight from it, but I know others here struggle with seroquel and weight gain. I exercise and try to eat as healthy as I can. I was on zyprexa for years and I have been able to lose some of the zyprexa weight on seroquel.


It has been a miracle drug for me. It helps me sleep, helps anxiety, helps keep my mood more even, helps psychotic stuff, etc. I'm not saying it's perfect and it erases every symptom, but it does help me out.


And I am also on abilify and latuda. I could ditch the latuda if my pdoc agrees, but the abilify I would not stop taking. It has helped me a great deal too. But I would never voluntarily get off of seroquel. They would literally have to force me because it is not something I am willing to give up. I have some clarity of thought and nothing else helps my anxiety like that. Klonopin makes me too tired during the day, but seroquel does not. I still take some klonopin to sleep.


Anyways, give it a fair shot for a while at that dose (600mg). I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Keep us posted.

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I take 300mg of Seroquel IR at night, it works nicely. Seroquel tends to be sedating most at lower doses, and at higher doses the sedation goes away over time. I get hungry when I take it, so I allow myself healthy snacks.. 

Moving to Antispychotics.

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