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Managing Mania

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I don't know if anyone will remember me but I used to post here quite a bit. Then I felt I had to leave for a while because I was so embarassed about something I wrote while I was briefly off my meds (yes, I know, I know) Anyway I hope you've either forgotten about it or can forgive me for it.


The point is I'm getting really high and I'm heading for trouble. I'm doing my best to keep a lid on it, but not having a great deal of success so far. Here's what I'm trying:


Putting on slow, calm music and making myself concentrate on jigsaw puzzles or colouring.


Trying to eat twice a day.


Lying in bed and consciously relaxing even if I can't sleep, so at least my body gets some rest.


Minimising driving.


Avoiding shops as much as possible.


Staying away from most of the forums I normally visit so I don't get into arguments or end up revealing too much personal information.


Any other ideas?!

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Dunno - Sorry, I am new at working on my treatment .. Although not new at suffering. 


I am definitely seeing my manic signs kicking in again though. I think it's the time of the year and all of the sun or something. 


One other thing for me I notice immediately is my absolute inability to sleep whereas before my meds were helping my crash on a regular schedule. 

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Hey, Werehorse-I wondered where you'd gone. Welcome back.


I think you should call your doctor, too. You're not on that much medication right now. Did Seroquel do something awful to you, or could you take it again, at least while you're going though this? Increasing my Seroquel is usually what my pdoc does when I start getting zippy. So something to calm you down might be a good plan.

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When I'm aware enough to realise that I'm spinning upwards and out of control, the only thing that's helped is to get my pdoc to adjust my meds immediately.  No amount of meditation/distraction/etc does it for me, although all of the things you mentioned are good in of themselves.  I seem to remember though that getting treatment was not a straightforward matter for you. What are the chances that you can speak to your doctor/care team and get some intervention asap?


PS - the fact that you're aware of what's going on and are wanting to take steps to arrest it is really, really important and significant

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Can you get some more meds to get you down a bit? Or speak to a doctor?


Apart from what you wrote already, other things might be:


-don't drink alcohol or coffee

-avoid parties, bars and such


Does sport help you at all? I find that exhausting myself by running or doing muscle training gets rid of some of the excess energy, but I've also heard that for some it can become triggering, so I am not sure if this is a good idea for you. If too much energy is bad for you, maybe Yoga might help? Or how about taking a walk? Nature can be quite calming.


Watching nature shows about animals always helps me (David Attenborough has a very calming voice, some other shows stress me out because of the music).


Good luck, I hope you can manage to keep it under control. I's really admirable that you realise you are heading into a high and want to control it.

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Try eating some carbs before bed time. Like a bowl of cereal.

I know this will raise some giggles, but get some sex or masterbation in. I swear the chemicals released are a great anti-manic. Or at least that's what I've found.

Sleepy time tea. It freaking works. Make it really hot so you have to blow on it to cool it down before taking a sip. Drink it hot. That's important. You want to cool it enough so your not scalding yourself, that would wake you up more. Just drink it slowly in small hot sips or cool it on a spoon at first.

Journal. Make a journal specifically to document your manic episodes. No sappy stories or journalimg thoughts. Keep that in a different journal. Make this journal only for describing your symptoms for day and what helped you and what made symptoms worse. For example. I found sunflower seeds made me more manic. I named my mania journal "vacation guide" and have had it running for about 15 years. Whenever i start to get manic again I reread the whole thing. I always kept my entries rather concise so it doesn't take more than an hour or two.

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Hey everyone, thanks, some good suggestions here. The sleepytime tea sounds like it's worth a go, but I'm not sure about the sex because I seem to suffering from some, hmm, hypersexuality, and have been signing up for dating sites, which I know isn't wise.


It's a bit tricky because the last time I saw my CPN it didn't go well and I ended up refusing another appointment and not even saying good-bye, which I'm pretty sorry about now. But I'll get over myself and call her today and see what she suggests. Quetiapine didn't touch me last time I was like this, but I think there's scope to go up on the depakote, or haloperidol could be increased because I'm only on a tiny dose at the moment.


In the meantime I'll carry on with my self-management plan. I'm not going to go out today because I'm having some trouble controlling myself in public, I'm going to put on some slow, calming music and try to do a jigsaw.


Thanks again.

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