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Zoloft, Pms/pmdd, bipolar....when to take/stop

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I have been doing well with my bipolar EXCEPT during pms weeks.  So my pdoc prescribed me Zoloft, just 50mg, to take after ovulation and until I start my period.  


I did it this month for the first time and it worked out GREAT for Pms...for the first time in, years I swear, I made it through pms without kicking my boyfriend out and having days of rage/anxiety/weepiness all at once




evidently I took it for too long, bc I switched in to a damn near raging manic lunatic overnight and it was a looong weekend around here....there's obviously going to be a very fine line between taking this Zoloft for PMS (GREAT!) and when to shut it down before switching to manic (BAD!).


Does anyone else take Zoloft (sertraline) for pms?  When do you STOP taking it?  

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I suspect your time on Zoloft may be limited, if it is causing mania. That's a direct contra-indication. I take mine for anxiety, not PMS, so I can't really comment on its use for PMS. What else are you on?

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