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Loonie coming through~

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Hey, I just joined here because y'all seem cool and helpful. I thought I'd write a little self-introduction!


So, yeah, I'm a 21 year old guy from Norway. I live with my boyfriend, and have a pretty chill life now in comparison to what used to be. I'm in better place now, so I have had a better chance to really start my recovery now, I guess. I love drawing, baking, cooking, lamguages, linguistics, feminine shit, cats and everything cute, fluffy or creepy. I also work for my local Queer youth organization both socially and politically.


I've had, and still have, a lot of nice diagnosis so here is my current list of labels: Bipolar, GAD, Anorexia, Somatoform Pain Disorder(I feel mostly recovered from this!) & Dissociative disorder NOS.


Thats it, and feel free to aks me anything. :)

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Hi, and welcome to Crazyboards.  We have a couple of other members from Norway, so you may run into them if you stick around.


I ask all new members to read the User Agreement.  That way, you will understand how we operate.


Be sure to check out our LGBT forum, and we also have a very active blog section.  I hope you like hanging out with us.



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