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What is this?

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I have a question...what is this?  Sitting up in a ball, crying hysterically until you can barely breath, clutching your boyfriend's car keys (not sure why) yelling NO when he tries to take them away from you or touch you?  Cuz I was like this yesterday and it was baaad.  But when I get like 'that' (this is just a recent example) I don't know if that is mania or anxiety or what, but it's baaad....not to mention horribly embarrassing to face the day after.


I "think" it is some mania (yesterday's triggered by taking zoloft a little too long for pms, I made another post about that), but I don't know if that is mania.  These kinds of episodes are my main feature of my bipolar.  They come on quickly and escalate until I am completely out of control. They're certainly not an over the top feeling of any greatness.  It's really just an over the top feeling of out of control.  It's just embarrassing is what it boils down to though :(

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You should call your pdoc and explain exactly what you wrote here. None of us here can diagnose you because we are not medical professionals.


I'm sorry you went through a rough time. I hope you are feeling better today.


My experience is that zoloft made me manic as hell. I was so high and elated it lasted for months. They even wrote on my chart that I was allergic to it. I guess they really don't want me taking it again. Oops. Well that was the first manic hospitalization I endured. Ugh.


But some people do just fine on zoloft. It's really up to you and your pdoc to decide whether or not the zoloft is helping you.


Do you have anything PRN for anxiety that you could take if you get panicky like that again? You may want to discuss this with your pdoc if you have nothing like that.


Take care!

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I haven't read your other posts & I am quite new, so excuse my naivety. I agree on the fact that no one here can diagnose and that you should call your doctor as soon as possible.




I have had a couple of episodes kind of like that, and in my personal experience it was not a hypo/manic episode at all. One way to tell is how short or long the episode lasts. If it lasts only a few hours (or like me where it lasts a few hours & then I pass out from physical & emotional exhaustion) it is generally a anxiety episode. In my case more prevalently from one of my post trauma issues.


Generally hypo/manic episodes last atleast a few days to a few weeks. I understand there is Ultradian cycling that can last hours to a day, however it is quite rare and is confused with other mood or even emotional episodes. I say that because at one point I was seen as being an Ultradian cycler, however after a couple years of treatment I was diagnosed with PTSD which comes with a lot of anxiety & mood changes (however not necessarily bipolar mood changes).


I hope that gives some glimpse of an insight? I apologize if you are indeed a Ultradian cycler.

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