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OCD anxiety ptsd low self esteem depression eating disorders

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Had OCD  all my life,  At times where non functioning, been hosptilzed three times for it..first time in 1975 in lock down, second time 1976  anorexia 89 pounds...and they year 2000 could not stop cleaning and rituals before I blew. I finally caved in and filed for disability.

Since the year 2000  I have been on paxil and prozac 80mg, I am in prozac poop out and was looking for feed back on a switch...I guess there is a med thread somewhere.

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


There are definitely threads that will provide you with the information you need.  And you can always start your own thread if you don't find one using the "search" function.


Please take a moment to read the User Agreement so you know how we operate.


I think you will find this to be a supportive community.

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