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I started Prozac almost a week ago and aside from nauseousness and hypomanic symptoms, nothing had gone wrong until I rode my bike to the bank. I felt the normal rush from exercise and heart rate increase until I started to feel woozy and once I stopped at the ATM I got that rush of nausea/dizziness/confusion/shakiness, half blacked out, and had to catch myself from fainting then awkwardly sit in front of the bank as traffic inched by with my head between my knees...is that normal? Anyone else experienced this? I've only fainted a few times in my life so it sort of freaked me out.

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I have fainted from medicine. Not fun at all. 


I am sorry to hear about this happening to you. You should really tell your pdoc about the hypomanic symptoms and the fainting. Also, be very careful about changing position,  (ex. laying down to standing). Take your time and do not rush. Also, was it really hot when you excersised? Were you dehydrated? Did you eat enough food? Those are questions to rule things out. Also, you have to be careful about pushing yourself too much when excersising. If you even start to feel woozy, then immediately stop if you can. 


I hope that things get better for you. 

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Yeah, I've had orthostatic hypotension before on other ADs but this was different because I was upright the entire time. Yes, it was very hot and humid today but nothing I haven't done before, and I feel like the strenuousness of the ride wasn't extreme enough to have caused that. Wasn't dehydrated or hypoglycemic either. Thanks so much for your responses! I see my pdoc on Friday and I'll definitely tell him about it. 

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