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What is a typical DBT group like?

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Because I've gone to 4 sessions now (I've done other types of groups in the past & didn't like them) and I'm just not getting it??

We are given handouts on mindfulness and we all take turns reading them. After some women interject their 2 cents, (one woman monopolized an entire session) then were done. My counselor was giving me these handouts anyway and I would read the ones that resonated with me. I don't understand the need for a group?


Or maybe its just me? I don't want to be with these people. Anyway, what has your experience been?

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I think every group is a bit different depending on the mix of people and illnesses and therapists.  Mine was pretty relaxed for the most part.


Have you considered bringing up some issues that you want to talk about with the group?  Perhaps it would feel more useful if you could also put in your "two cents".


You could also consider asking to speak to the group therapist and discussing your concerns with them to see if there is a way that you can get more out of the group.


Are you also doing the homework sheets and diary cards?  Those help a lot.  DBT skills can seem deceptively simple on the surface - where the real difficulty is is not in reading the sheets, but in integrating the skills into your life in a consistent way that improves your quality of living.

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Emotion Regulation is definitely a DBT module.


The group that I did was less traditional in that we didn't always strictly do the homework sheets/diary cards.  I have to say though, now that I am in individual DBT, doing those things has helped a LOT.  But I still got a lot out of the group.  The therapist did integrate things from other books and styles as well as the core DBT sheets.


Maybe you should talk to the group therapists about whether this group is a good fit for you.

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