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Dermatophagia (may be icky)

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Can I get therapy for this? Like, CBT maybe?

Alternatively, medication? I don't see how it could have a neurochemical basis, but medication might exist for it... I'm no doctor, I don't know.


I just wanna stop biting my skin off til I bleed and swell.

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I have dermatophagia, and I've had it since I was in elementary school (30+ years ago). VE is right, it's related to OCD and similar treatments are used. I happen to have OCD as well, and my OCD meds have helped reduce my dermatophagia habits a lot. Prozac (for my MDD and GAD) has also helped me.

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I'm already on Prozac (20mg right now, used to be 30 - for depression) so I'm not sure that'll work, unless doctor says to raise the dosage; my guess is I'll probably have to take something else, or do some kind of behaviour therapy.


Sorry for late reply, forgot I had posted here.

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My sister and I have had this behaviour since we were quite young.  Sometimes I chew the skin off the inside of my cheeks and lips until it's bleeding and raw and then I can't eat because it hurts too much.  I try to not do it but before I realize it, I'm at it again.  My family is always after me to stop but I can't seem to.  I have noticed that my ADD meds help reduce this terrible habit.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed this?

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