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added zoloft and increased seroquel but depression is still here

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I am BP 1 and dont get depressed very often. This once came out of no where and all I could think about was being dead, but not suicidal.


He added 100mg zoloft and increased seroquel by 100 mg/ It is now a week later and all I want to do is sleep. Still not suicidal but still wishing I was dead.


I go back to pdoc on Friday. Not sure what he is going to say.

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Unfortunately, it really is too early to decide whether or not those side effects are going to continue. Many, many, if not most meds start out with side effects that then go away.


I am somewhat talking out of my ass, but based on watching others here who use Seroquel, lower dosages are actually much more sedating than higher dosages. Some people actually take it only for sleep at a very low dose.


And, my recollection is that 100mg is not very high of a dose (this is the part I am least sure of). I could be wrong, but that is what I seem to remember after reading about it for the last 6 years.

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