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Feeling sentimental....you get to a point in your life when all the people and places you visited as a child aren't there anymore. It's sad, its like you can't go home anymore because your child-hood home has a different family living in it. You can't visit your Grandma because she has passed and some one else is living in her house (feels wrong). You can't visit your Dad or your Uncle in the nursing home or Pembina Lodge because they've passed away, their rooms belong to someone else now. So not only do you lose the people that you loved, you lose the places where you shared so many memories.
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That IS sad, and I have experienced it myself.  My MIL lived to be 100, and she used to say to me "I've out-lived all of my friends."


Do you have relatives who are your age contemporaries----siblings, or cousins?  Sometimes it helps to spend time with people who share some of your memories.



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