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Being Mean to the Ones You Love

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I have a tendency to be hostile and sassy in public situations to my boyfriend. WHY?! There's really no reason for me to be mad at him. I find things, or make them up, that he's mad at me or I'm doing something wrong. Really, it's just that everything he does is annoying and irritating. But his actions haven't changed. Why am I suddenly so snappy at him. The worst part about it is I'm only sassy like this to him in front of other people, and sadly, that's usually his family. This isn't right. It's not ok for me to treat him this way. I don't think he did anything to deserve it. So why the hell am I so angry all the time and then take it out on him? I love him!!! This is so frustrating!!!

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I do this too. For me I think this happens cause I feel safe to vent my anger and frustrations at the people who I trust (or who I don't mind abandoning me...). It's not that I'm angry at the person, rather than just generally being frustrated and being miserable.

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